We deliver expert advice on all security related aspects relating to the operating and occupation of industrial sites, commercial premises, retail businesses, office parks, high-risk buildings, educational institutions, residential and golf estates, fuel depots, government institutions and any other business or personal requiring professional security.

  • Crime Investigation and surveys
  • Advice on highly trained and experienced Investigators
  • Polygraph Examination
  • Voice stress Examination
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Tracing in general
  • Access control procedures
  • Armed response
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Off-site monitoring
  • Escort Services
  • Retail shrinkage management
  • Events and Stadium Security
  • VIP Protection
  • Key point security
  • Guarding and Technology services
  • Parking Attendance
  • Retail related matters
  • Security dogs and other security related equipment well as other specialised security services.
  • Risk reduction solutions to various industries
  • Uniformed Security Services to all sectors


    Absolut Security conducts a security risk assessment on the client’s business and compiles a complete report and plan of action according to findings made during the assessment.  The findings and plan of action will then be discussed with the client and Absolut Security will then work closely with the client to address the risks identified in accordance with the client’s specific needs by putting the necessary controls and checks in place. Site specific procedure and knowledge is the key to a successful mutual relationship. Clear understanding of the location, client’s specific concern and problematic areas. Building good communication and relationship to have a clear and open channel for both client and Absolut Security personnel.

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      Registered Security staff must have a minimum education of Standard 8 (Grade 10), 18 years of age and have no criminal record in order to be registered. Guards must be trained on various discipline according to PSIRA approved training. These guards are graded according to Grades A - C.

      The following are the basic training that mentioned guards need to undergo before they could be graded in a specific grade.

    • Understand the roles and function of security
    • Basic public relations skills
    • Highly disciplined
    • Guarding and patrolling knowledge
    • Observation skills
    • Basic occupational safety knowledge
    • Basic self-defense skills
    • Personal hygiene and appearance important
    • Basic radio/telephone/interactive skills
    • Knowledge of use of all equipment used on site
    • Basic legal knowledge
    • Interpersonal skills

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